About Us

Founded in 1991, Vibrant Technology is a leader in developing tools for post processing vibration and acoustic test data. Vibrant’s principals have a total of over 80 years of experience in the design and development of testing and analysis systems.

Vibrant Technology software is used by structural testing and machinery maintenance professionals in a wide variety of industries and applications, including:


• Automotive

• Aerospace

• Chemical Plants

• Construction Equipment

• dB / SPL Management

• Engineering Services


• Paper Mills

• Petrochemical Production

• Plant Machinery Management

• Power Generation

• Semiconductor Manufacturing

• Sporting Goods Manufacturing

• Steel Mills

• Structural Monitoring

• Telecom Data Centers


The primary product of Vibrant Technology is the ME’scope software series. ME’scope is designed to aid engineers and technicians working on new product research and development, predictive maintenance, manufacturing quality control, and monitoring of critical machines and structures.

The ME’scope Visual Engineering Series contains a wide variety of tools for the analysis and animated display of Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS’s) and the mode shapes associated with structural resonances. The ME’scope Machine Surveillance Series gives operators the ability to monitor the health and operating condition of machinery out in the plant, from their desk, or on the go. The ME’scope Environmental Surveillance Series gives operators the ability to monitor noise and vibration levels at a construction site.

ME’scope is available worldwide through a network of sales representatives and OEMs.