ME’scopeVES – Acquisition

VES-700 Multi-Channel Acquisition

This option adds multi-channel data acquisition to any ME’scope package.  It provides setup and control of third party multi-channel acquisition hardware from within ME’scope. This option also supports non-triggered data acquisition.

Impact testing is included if it is supported by the front end hardware.  Time waveforms are simultaneously acquired with the front end hardware, and post-processed by one of these options.  All acquisition and post-processing is set up in a special Acquisition window.

Post-processing includes calculation of Auto & Cross spectra, FRFs & Coherence, ODS FRFs, MIMO (multi-input multi-output) FRFs with Multiple & Partial Coherence, Auto & Cross correlations, Impulse responses.

Acquisition Features:

  • Block-based data acquisition. Number of Samples and Sampling Rate are user-specified but hardware dependent
  • Frequency domain functions. Fourier spectra, Auto & Cross spectra, FRF (Transfer function), Coherence, ODS FRF
  • Time domain functions. Auto & Cross correlation, Impulse response
  • DC removal. Frequency domain removal
  • Spectrum averaging. Stable or peak hold with overlap processing
  • Triggering. Trigger level, double hit line, pre-trigger delay, accept/reject
  • Channels spreadsheet. Acquisition channel properties include transducer sensitivity, transducer units, DOFs, AC/DC coupling, transducer power, time domain window, and more
Supported HardwareModelImpact TriggerShaker Signal
ADLINK TechnologyUSB-2405YesNo
Data PhysicsAbacus (1)YesYes
Quattro (2)YesYes
Data Translation9837A, BYesYes
Zodiac AerospaceHeim DIC6B, DIC24YesNo
National InstrumentsCompactDAQ
9233, 9234
PXI 4472, 4472B3 (3)YesNo
PXI 4495, 4496, 44983 (3)YesNo
PXIe 4496 to 44993 (3)YesNo
OnoSokkiDS-3000 seriesYesRandom Only
OROSOR3 seriesYesYes
Vibration ResearchVR8500, VR9500YesYes

(1) – Data Physics DP730-43 Remote Operations via ActiveX Communication is required.
(2) – Data Physics DP240-43 Remote Operations via ActiveX Communication is required.
(3) – Cannot mix with PXI Hybrid or older modules.