ME’scopeVES – Acquisition

VES-700 Multi-Channel Acquisition

This option adds multi-channel data acquisition to any ME’scope package.  It provides setup and control of third party multi-channel acquisition hardware from within ME’scope. This option also supports non-triggered data acquisition.

Impact testing is included if it is supported by the front end hardware.  Time waveforms are simultaneously acquired with the front end hardware, and post-processed by one of these options.  All acquisition and post-processing is set up in a special Acquisition window.

Post-processing includes calculation of Auto & Cross spectra, FRFs & Coherence, ODS FRFs, MIMO (multi-input multi-output) FRFs with Multiple & Partial Coherence, Auto & Cross correlations, Impulse responses.

Acquisition Features:

  • Block-based data acquisition. Number of Samples and Sampling Rate are user-specified but hardware dependent
  • Frequency domain functions. Fourier spectra, Auto & Cross spectra, FRF (Transfer function), Coherence, ODS FRF
  • Time domain functions. Auto & Cross correlation, Impulse response
  • DC removal. Frequency domain removal
  • Spectrum averaging. Stable or peak hold with overlap processing
  • Triggering. Trigger level, double hit line, pre-trigger delay, accept/reject
  • Channels spreadsheet. Acquisition channel properties include transducer sensitivity, transducer units, DOFs, AC/DC coupling, transducer power, time domain window, and more
Supported HardwareModelImpact TriggerShaker Signal
ADLINK TechnologyUSB-2405YesNo
Data PhysicsAbacus (1)YesYes
Quattro (2)YesYes
Data Translation9837A, BYesYes
National InstrumentsCompactDAQ
9233, 9234
OnoSokkiDS-3000 seriesYesRandom Only
OROSOR3 seriesYesYes

(1) – Data Physics DP730-43 Remote Operations via ActiveX Communication is required.
(2) – Data Physics DP240-43 Remote Operations via ActiveX Communication is required.
(3) – Cannot mix with PXI Hybrid or older modules.