Vibrant Portable Hardware

Vibrant Portable Hardware (VPH)

Any ME’scope software can be purchased pre-loaded into a portable Pelican™ box.  This turnkey system is ideal for short-term or long-term noise & vibration monitoring, production line or post maintenance qualification testing, general purpose trouble shooting, or performing a modal test using an impact hammer or multiple shakers.

Each VPH box contains a solid state computer, power surge protection, wireless or cell phone modem, a BNC connector for each acquisition channel, and external USB & Ethernet connectors for a surveillance camera or network connection. Just connect the VPH box to a standard electrical wall outlet, and you are ready to start acquiring and post-processing multi-channel data.

Multi-Channel Acquisition. VPH boxes can be ordered with 4, 8, 16, 24, or 32 channels of simultaneous acquisition.  All of the necessary ME’scope software for acquiring and post-processing vibration and other engineering parameters is installed on the solid state computer in the box.

Multiple Measurement Sets.  For modal tests, troubleshooting, and monitoring applications where more channels of phase coherent vibration data are required than the number of channels in the VPH box, ME’scope macro-programming & Hotkeys can be used to acquire data in multiple Measurement Sets. Each Measurement Set consists of signals from one or more (fixed) Reference sensors acquired simultaneously with signals from multiple Roving sensors.  Post-processing of multiple Measurement Sets of cross-channel data such as FRFs, Cross spectra, and ODS FRFs make it possible to display in animation ODS’s, mode shapes, and vibro-acoustic shapes with 100’s of shape components in them.

Real Time ODS Animation. Real time ODS animation is very useful for identifying physical changes that might be taking place in operating machinery or structures. In rotating machinery, the order-tracked ODS’s are commonly monitored.  A VPH box with ME’scope running under macro-program control can acquire data from a machine or structure, post-process the data, and archive it into a Database, either locally or remotely using its built-in wireless modem, a cell phone modem, or via an Ethernet network connection.

Using one of the ME’scope monitoring options, data in the Database can be trended, compared with user-defined warning levels or with baseline data, and the order-tracked ODS’s can be displayed in animation.

Operational Modal Analysis.  Monitoring resonant vibration is another way of determining the health of a machine or structure. It is well known that operational modal parameters are sensitive indicators of changes in the physical properties of machines and structures.

To monitor operational modal parameters, ME’scope running under macro-program control in a VP box can perform FRF-based curve fitting of operating or output-only data acquired from a machine or structure. The frequency, damping, and mode shape of each operational mode is stored into the archival Database. Operational modal parameters in the Database can be trended, compared with user-defined warning levels or with baseline data, and the mode shapes can be displayed in animation.

Environmental Monitoring. A VPH box is ideal for environmental monitoring applications.  The acoustics and vibrations processing functions in ME’scope can be used under macro-program control to meet a wide variety of federal and state regulations, as well as local ordinances.  Vibro-acoustic shapes can also be displayed in animation to gain a better understanding of structure-born noise issues.

Automated Email and cell phone text notification whenever the warning level of a monitored parameter is exceeded, is an important feature of the ME’scope monitoring software.