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MEscope Training Videos are an archive of webinars and YouTube videos offered to MEscope customers and those that are interested in MEscope. All videos are unlocked for MEscope customers with a registered product license, and cover a wide range of topics including ODS Videos™, Modal Analysis, Operational Deflection Shapes, Operational Modal Analysis, FEA Modal Updating, Structural Dynamics Modification, 3D model creation and setup, and more.

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Recent Videos

A Look Inside the ODS Videos™ Toolbox

MEscope ODS Videos™ Case Study Oil Refinery Piping

MEscope ODS Videos™ Case Study: Stator Coolant Pump Revisited

Using ODS Videos for Natural Frequency Testing of Wind Turbine Towers

Top 10 ODS Case Studies

Post Processing Tips with MEscope ODS Videos™

MEscope ODS Videos™ Case Study, Vertical Pump

MEscope ODS Videos Project 'Start to Finish' 5 MW Turbine Generator

An Introduction to MEscope ODS Videos™

Curve Fitting FEA Mode Shapes to ODS Data

MEscope Webinar: A Look Inside the ODS Videos™ Toolbox

MEscope 101: Introduction to MEscope

Video #1: Importing Data, Labelling Measurements, Post-Processing Time Histories

Video #2: Building a 3D Model, Substructures, Using a Drawing or Photo

Video #3: Setting up Animation, Stick Model, Surface Model, Photo Model, M# links

Video #4: Shape Animation, Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Speed, Amplitude, Reporting

MEscope 201: Advanced Signal Processing

Video #1: Data Block Tools Commands

Video #2: Data Block Transform Commands

Video #3: More Data Block Transform Commands, Shape Table Tools Commands

Video #4: Data Block Acoustics Commands

MEscope 301: Modal Analysis

Video #1: Modal Frequency, Damping, and Mode Shape, Polynomial curve fitter and Quick Fit, Cure fitting in frequency bands, residual effects of out-of-band modes, Fit Function synthesis

Video #2: Mode Indicator functions (CMIF, MMIF), OMA curve fitting, mode shape scaling, Residual mode shape, OMA mode shape, UMM mode shape, Mode shape integration/differentation

Video #3: Using MAC, SDI & Modal Participation, Comparing curve fitting results, FRF synthesis, integration & differentiation, Data Block Correlation, M# Pairs Correlation

Video #4: Single reference modal testing, Repeatable impact testing, Rapid testing using a TRN Chain

MEscope 401: Advanced Modal Analysis

Video #1 Review of ODS testing and EMA, The Four Laws of Modal Analysis

Video #2: Review of Quick Fit, Curve Fitting in Frequency Bands, Residual Effects of out-of-band modes

Video #3: Fit Function synthesis vs. FRF synthesis, Complexity Plot, Normalized Shapes, Magnitude Ranking

Video #4: Multi-reference testing and curve fitting, Multi-reference ODS, Multi-reference Mode indicators

Video #5: Multi-reference curve-fitting and Modal Participation, Modal parameters

Video #6: Stability Diagram, Stability curve-fitting, OMA curve-fitting

Video #7: Modal Participation Matrix, Shape Expansion

Video #8: M# Decomposition, M# Expansion

MEscope 501: Structural Dynamics Modifications (SDM)

Video #1 Spring Between Two Plates

Video #2: Sub-structuring

Video #3: Adding a Rib Stiffener

Video #4: Rib Stiffener with Rotational DOF's

Video #5: Adding a Tuned Absorber

Video #6: Modal Sensititvity

Video #7: SDM Background

MEscope Curve Fitting

Curve Fitting 101

Curve Fitting 201

Curve Fitting 301

Curve Fitting FEA Mode Shapes to ODS Data

Curve Fitting using MEscopeVES

More Curve Fitting with MEscope

Advanced Curve Fitting using MEscopeVES

Multi-Reference Curve Fitting

Local versus Global Curve fitting

Curve Fitting & Shape Comparison

Learning Lab Videos

Slinky Impact Testing

Correlating Spectral Measurements

A New Way to do Impact or ODS Testing Using MEscope

Making Repeatable Measurements during Route-Based Condition Monitoring

Acquiring ODS Data during Route-Based Condition Monitoring

Documenting Machine Condition with ODS Videos

Structural Dynamics Modification and Sub-Structuring

Using Vibration for Pass/Fail Testing of Mechanical Structures & Systems

Using Vibration for Pass/Fail Testing of Mechanical Structures & Systems

Using Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM) in MEscope

Automated Roving Accelerometer Impact Test

Detection and Diagnosis of Three Common Rotating Machinery Faults

Using the Vibrant Script Language (VSL)

MEscope Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM) using Substructuring

Locating & Quantifying Unbalance in Rotating Machinery

MEscope Fault Correlation Tools (FaCTs)

Signal Processing in MEscope

Using SDM in MEscope

Using MEscope for FEA Model Updating

MEscope Hotkeys, Macros and Monitoring

Using Macros and Hotkeys in MEscope

Setting Up ODS and Mode Shape Animation in MEscope

Introduction to MEscope

Introduction to MEscopeVES

MEscopeVES General Navigation

Using FaCTs to Identify Unbalance in Rotating Machinery

Real-time ODS using MEscopeMSS

Introduction to MEscopeMSS

MEscope YouTube Training Videos

Introduction to MEscope VES

A brief introduction to the ME’scope Visual Engineering Series, including tools and advanced 3D model and shape animation capabilities.

Building and Animating a Plate Model in MEscope VES

This video takes you through the three basic steps that are required for animating your shape data in ME’scopeVES: 1) build a geometric model of the test structure, 2) import your data into a Data Block file, and 3) assign measurements in the Data Block to points and directions on the model.

Drawing a 3D Structural Model

This video demonstrates several different ways for building 3D structure models in ME’scopeVES; 1) using the Drawing Assistant, 2) building a model using Points, Lines, and Surfaces, 3) Extruding a 2D SubStructure into a 3D model, and 4) tracing a 2D profile from a digital photgraph.

Displaying Shapes in Animation

This video includes more of the details of animating shapes on a structure model. It covers: 1) measurement coordinates, 2) animation equations, 3) interpolation, and 4) many of the commands in the Animate menu.

Basic Modal Analysis

This video is an introduction to modal parameter estimation, or curve fitting. It covers the basic steps of curve fitting; 1) count the modes on a mode indicator graph, 2) estimate modal frequency and damping, 3) estimate modal residues, and 4) save the modal parameters into a Shape Table.

Operational Modal Analysis

This video illustrates the curve fitting capabilities of the Operational Modal Analysis Option in ME’scopeVES. To simulate an OMA, a “round trip” is performed using a modal model. The MIMO Simulator in the Acquisition window is used to “excite” the modal model of the structure with a random force. Acceleration Cross spectra are then “acquired” and curve fit to recover the modes of the modal model.

Experimental FEA

This tutorial illustrates the capabilities of the Experimental FEA Option in ME’scopeVES. A finite element model is constructed from a PhotoModel on a beam structure. The finite element model is then solved for its analytical modes, and they are compared with the experimental modes of the actual structure.

FEA Modal Updating

This tutorial illustrates the capabilities of the FEA Model Updating Option in ME’scopeVES. The FEA model constructed in the Experimental FEA tutorial is used for model updated. The thickness of the vertical plate in the model is updated so that its analytical modes more closely match the experimental modes of the structure.

Advanced Modeling Techniques

This video illustrates the use of some of the advanced drawing capabilities in ME’scopeVES for creating 3D models. In it you will learn how to 1) download a model from the Vibrant Internet model store, 2) create part profiles from machine drawings, and 3) create 3D machine parts from 2D profiles.

Impact Testing for Modal Analysis

Using a Dytran impact hammer and tri-axial accelerometer, the modes of a simple I-beam are determined and animated using ME’scopeVES.

Animation of Structural Resonances

Video showing how ME’scopeVES animates Experimentally Derived Structural Resonances using 3D/PhotoRealistic Models

Experimental Modal Analysis of a Violin

Experimental Modal Analysis and animation of a PhotoRealistic model of a violin using ME’scopeVES.

BMW Gearbox Housing Animation

Animation of a PhotoRealistic BMW Gearbox Housing model using data acquired with a Polytec Laser measurement system in ME’scopeVES

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