Qualification Testing Series

The MEscopeQTS Qualification Testing Series is a network-based series of software packages and options that includes all of the tools you need to test and qualify test articles, either during production or in the field following scheduled (or un-scheduled) maintenance. The Qualification Testing Series is the result of 20+ years of experience in the design, sales, and support of noise & vibration signal post- processing, modal analysis, and animated shape display software at Vibrant Technology. The Qualification Testing Series utilizes the time-tested MEscope software as its foundation. Designed specifically for qualification testing applications, an MEscopeQTS package combines an archival Database, the capabilities of a professional noise & vibration analysis software package, and the simplicity of a red light-green light pass-fail system.

With any MEscopeQTS package, you can acquire, post-process, archive, display, and analyze vibration, acoustic, temperature, pressure, voltage/current, flow rate, or any type of process variable from any type test article.

Each MEscopeQTS package includes:

  • A secure test article-based archival Database which can be located either on a local computer, on a local area network, or in the cloud on the Internet
  • Trend plots of all archived data
  • Waterfall plots of all archived time waveforms or frequency spectra.
  • 6 user-definable pass-fail levels for each monitored parameter
  • Pass-fail levels can also be applied to frequency of time spans
  • Event log that documents all pass-fail level violations
  • User definable short-term and long -term archival storage of monitored parameters
  • A Gauge assigned to each parameter displaying current & baseline values, and pass-fail levels

The MEscopeQTS software can also be housed in a Vibrant Portable Hardware carrying case, making it easy to use in the field or at different production locations. A phone modem can also be used to transmit data from remote locations to the archival Database, which can be located in the cloud on the Internet