Video ODS ProTM


Credit: Full Spectrum Diagnostics

This package includes all the features of a Video ODS™ package and adds Advanced Signal Processing. It includes an FFT and Inverse FFT so both time waveforms and frequency spectra can be post-processed using many popular signal processing functions.

Video ODSTM Use Example

A new Breast Roll “Shaker” was installed on the wet end of a paper machine to create better alignment of the sheet fibers. An unintended consequence of this new component was it created a potential resonance excitation source of vibration.  

Using an Iphone 10 cell phone set on Slow Motion (240FPS), a set of Video ODS data was taken while the shaker was running to define the transmission of energy through the structure.   The shaker was found to be exciting the forming section wire roll return. The elevated vibration was found to be loosening bolt connections in the roll support structures.

                              Visit the Vibrant YouTube page for a collection of Video ODS webinars and training videos.

Video ODS Pro™ Features

  • Signal Processing: Time Waveform (TWF) & frequency spectrum (DFT) analysis, FFT and Inverse FFT
  • Vibration time waveforms extracted from a vibration video
  • Camera jitter and background noise removal
  • Lighting flicker removal 
  • Brightness & Contrast enhancement of the video graphics 
  • ODS sweep animation from the time waveforms 
  • ODS sinusoidal animation from their Fourier spectra
  • Animation Speed and Amplitude Control
  • Clear color ODS video recording of the ODS animation
  • ODS in Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Units
  • ODS Magnitude & Phase displayed on the ODS video
  • ODS contour colors displayed on the ODS video
  • ODS direction vectors displayed on the ODS video

MEscope Video ODS can accept a number of video file formats including .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, and .mp4