Application Notes

Data Acquisition




Operating Deflection Shapes




Modal Analysis




Structural Modifications




Signal Processing




Advanced Signal Processing




By Application Note Number


  1. The FFT, Windowing and Leakage
  2. Waveform Integration/Differentiation
  3. Modeling a Rib Stiffener with Structural Modifications
  4. Using Structural Modifications for Sub Structuring
  5. Taking Impact Data using a Triaxial Accelerometer
  6. Single Reference and Multiple Reference Curve Fitting
  7. Modeling a Single Degree-of-Freedom Mass-Spring-Damper System
  8. Power Measurements
  9. Calculating the Modes of a Beam
  10. Averaging Data
  11. Using a Tuned Absorber to Suppress Vibration
  12. Calculating ODS FRFs From Bridge Impact Data
  13. Introduction to Modal Curve Fitting 
  14. Multiple Reference Curve Fitting To Find Repeated Roots
  15. Multiple Reference Curve Fitting To Find Closely Coupled Modes
  16. Integration and Differentiation of FRFs
  17. Order Tracked ODS’s using VSI Rotate and ME’scopeVES
  18. Simulated Multiple Shaker Burst Random Modal Test
  19. Using the Z-Polynomial Method with the Stability Diagram
  20. Calculating MIMO FRFs
  21. Calculating MIMO Responses
  22. Calculating Sinusoidal Responses
  23. Calculating MIMO Forces
  24. Choosing Reference DOFs for a Modal Test
  25. Choosing Response DOFs for a Modal Test
  26. Calculating a 4-Pole Transfer Function Matrix
  27. Impact Testing using the Acquisition Window
  28. Mathematics of a Mass-Spring-Damper System
  29. FEA Model Updating of an Aluminum Plate
  30. Attaching a RIB Stiffener to a Plate
  31. Attaching a Tuned Vibration Absorber to a Plate
  32. Modal Sensitivity to Joint Stiffness