MEscope VES FAQ's

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 with the latest Service Pack installed
  • A hard disk with at least 50 Gigabytes (GB) of available space
  • Microsoft DirectX 11 compatible graphics hardware

For a new installation or when updating MEscope (vt######.vtl) license, copy the vt######.vtl license file into the same folder as the MEscope installation program (MEscope-Installer.exe).

Run the MEscope installation program (MEscope-Installer.exe). It will update the license and your copy of MEscope.

If you will be installing MEscope on a computer not connected to the Internet or if an error occurs while installing the prerequisites automatically, download and install the following prerequisites:

Windows 7 Users: MEscope has been updated to use DirectX 11.

To use MEscope with Windows 7:

Install the Platform Update for Windows 7.

Update your graphics drivers. Older Windows 7 graphics drivers are not DirectX 11 compatible.

Download and install Console, then connect to our Cloud Database for a demonstration of MEscopeMSS Machine Surveillance Series:

If it looks like one of these: Install HASP Driver

If it looks like of these: Install Sentinel Driver 

  • Download NetworkServer.zip
  • Extract the files in NetworkServer.zip
  • Follow the instructions in the PDF file to install the Vibrant License Server

NOTE: A MEscopeVES Software License can only be activated on one computer.

  • Run MEscopeVES by executing All Programs | Vibrant Technology, Inc. | MEscopeVESfrom the Start Menu.
  • MEscopeVES will attempt Internet Activation automatically and show a success message if no problems were encountered.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet or Internet Activation fails, email your License ID and Activation ID to activate@vibetech.com. When you receive your activated license file (vt#######.vtl, where ####### is your license number), follow the instructions above to install the activated license.

NOTE: To use a cloud license, MEscope must be installed on a computer that has access to the Internet.

When prompted for a license server, cloud license users should enter 27000@vtis.vibetech.com as the license server.

MEscope ODS Videos FAQ's

Yes, you can use your own high speed camera or even a cell phone. A couple things to keep in mind.

  1. The FPS (Frames Per Second) of the camera must be at least twice the maximum frequency you expect to extract from the video.
  2. Said differently, the maximum RPM of the machine you expect to extract from the video should be less than 30 times the FPS of the camera

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