“Lifetime software support is now available for MEscope owners. Contact Vibrant sales for details.” NEW! MEscope Videos ODS Assist. Let us do the work for you..

Are Video ODS's Accurate?

In this experiment we conduct a comparison of Accelerometer and Video ODS data from a rotating machine. The results may surprise you.

Lets see the video!

Introducing MEscope Video ODS Assist™

New to Video ODS and want to see results quickly? No time for processing videos? Lets us do the work for you... How it Works: It’s simple….record a 10-12 second video of your vibrating machine or structure, upload your video to vibetech.com, and in a week or less you’ll receive your post-processed Video ODS!
Choose from Basic, Advanced and Pro!

MEscope Video ODS™
Instructional Videos

MEscope instructional videos and a complete archive of all the MEscope webinars is now available on the Vibrant YouTube page.
Check out the latest Video ODSvideo Best Practices using the NXT Toolbox

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