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MEscope Installation

Software License Activation

For a new installation or when updating MEscope (vt######.vtl) license, copy the vt######.vtl license file into the same folder as the MEscope installation program (MEscope-Installer.exe). Run the MEscope installation program (MEscope-Installer.exe). It will update the license and your copy of MEscope.

No Internet Connection?

If you will be installing MEscope on a computer not connected to the Internet or if an error occurs while installing the prerequisites automatically, download and install the following prerequisites:

MEscope Console Installation

Download and install Console, then connect to our Cloud Database for a demonstration of MEscopeMSS Machine Surveillance Series:

Security Key Driver Installation

Install HASP Driver for keys that look like the following:

Install Sentinel Driver for keys that look like the following:

Vibrant License Server Installation

  • Download
  • Extract the files in Follow the instructions in the PDF file to install the Vibrant License Server
  • Run MEscopeVES by executing All Programs | Vibrant Technology, Inc. | MEscopeVESfrom the Start Menu.
  • MEscopeVES will attempt Internet Activation automatically and show a success message if no problems were encountered.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet or Internet Activation fails, email your License ID and Activation ID to When you receive your activated license file (vt#######.vtl, where ####### is your license number), follow the instructions above to install the activated license.

Cloud License Instructions

  • When prompted for a license server, cloud license users should enter as the license server.

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