Visual Engineering Series

Visual ACQTM

Visual Acquisition™ package contains all the tools you need for acquiring, importing, or calculating time and frequency domain measurements. Data can be acquiring or importing from most multi-channel analyzers, recorders, acquisition systems, and portable collectors. Auto & Cross spectra, FRFs, Coherence, ODS-FRFs, and more, can be calculated from acquired data. Multiple measurement sets of data can be processed for use in ODS & modal analysis. VT-220
  • Data acquired or imported from most popular single or multi-channel analyzers, recorders, data acquisition systems and portable data collectors
  • All popular time and frequency domain measurements can be acquired or imported
  • No limits on the number of measurements or the number of samples per measurement
  • Measurements can be displayed in Real, Imaginary, Magnitude (Linear, Log, dB), Phase, CoQuad (Real & Imaginary), Bode (Magnitude & Phase), Nyquist and Orbit Plots

ODS VideosTM

This package includes all the features of a Visual ODS Pro™ package and adds all the tools you need for post-processing video recordings of machine or structural vibration. You can display, analyze & archive the time waveforms & frequency spectra extracted from a video, and then record clear color videos of the ODS animation created from the waveforms or spectra. VT-450
  • Extracts accurate time waveforms of the surface motion in the video
  • Unwanted portions can be cropped from the video
  • ODS animation either from the time waveforms or frequency spectra
  • Magnitude & phase of the ODS displayed for selected points
  • Improve the brightness & contrast in the ODS video

Visual SDMTM

With the Visual SDM™ package you can quickly investigate the effects of structural modifications on the modes of a structure. The new modes can then be used in MIMO calculations to determine the effect of structural modifications on overall vibration levels. VT-540
  • Interactive graphical addition of structural modification elements to a structure model
  • All visible FEA elements on a structure model are used by SDM. All hidden elements are ignored
  • Modifications can be modeled using the following FEA elements; Point masses, linear springs and linear dampers, rod and beam elements, triangular and quadrilateral plate elements, tetrahedrons, prisms, and brick solid elements

Visual ODSTM

Visual ODS™ lets you see how a machine or structure is moving by animating Operating Deflection Shapes directly from a set of time waveforms or frequency domain experimental data. VT-620
  • Interactively construct or import a 3D model of your test article
  • Import time waveforms and frequency domain measurements, or acquire them directly from popular multi-channel acquisition hardware
  • Interactive animated display and video recording of Operating Deflection Shapes

Visual ModalTM

This package includes all the features of a Visual ODS Pro™ package and contains all the basic tools you need for extracting modal parameters from experimental vibration measurements. By comparing the results from several different curve fitting methods, you can accurately identify the frequency, damping, and mode shape of the modes of a structure from experimental data. VT-570
  • Single degree-of-freedom (SDOF) & multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) curve fitting
  • Local & global FRF-based curve fitting
  • Two different mode indicators for counting resonance peaks
  • The exclusive Quick Fit method extracts all modal parameters in one step
  • Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC), Shape Difference Indicator (SDI), & Participation between mode shapes

Visual SDM ProTM

This package adds Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM) features to a Visual Modal Pro™ package. With it, you can extract modal shapes from experimental data using advanced curve fitting techniques, and then use the mode shapes to explore the effects of a wide variety of physical changes to a structure without having to make the actual physical changes. VT-560
  • Multi reference curve fitting including the exclusive Multi-Reference Quick Fit method
  • Modifications using FEA masses, springs & damper elements, triangle & quad plate elements, prisms, tetras & brick elements
  • Sub structuring 🡺 modeling the attachment of two or more structures together
  • Tuned Absorbers 🡺 suppress resonances with mass-spring-damper vibration absorbers
  • Modal Sensitivity 🡺 calculate and order thousands of modifications to change the properties of one or more resonances to prescribed values

Visual Modal ProTM

This package contains all the features of a Visual Modal™ package plus advanced multi-reference curve fitting methods for extracting the modal parameters of closely coupled modes, repeated roots, and local modes from multi-reference experimental data. It also includes a stability diagram and curve fitting methods for identifying modes that cannot counted from the resonance peaks on mode indicator curves. VT-550
  • Stability diagram with a choice of three different curve fitting methods
  • Multi-Reference Quick Fit extracts all modal parameters in one step
  • OMA-Operational Modal Analysis
  • Shape Phase Normalization for comparison with FEA normal mode shapes
  • Poles plot, shape Complexity plot, Magnitude Ranking plots

Visual STNTM

This package combines all the features of a Visual SDM Pro™ package with those of the ODS Videos™ package and includes FEA modeling features. With it, you can extract mode shapes from vibration videos, from experimental vibration data, and from an FEA model. Then, using the mode shapes, you can explore a wide variety of structural modifications. You can also update an FEA model so that its mode shapes more closely match experimental mode shapes. VT-950
  • Video Processing for extracting ODS’s and mode shapes
  • All the curve fitting capabilities of MEscope for extracting mode shapes from experimental data
  • Explore structural modifications using all the SDM tools in MEscope
  • FEA model updating to more closely match FEA with experimental mode shapes