Visual Engineering

Visual ODSTM

Visual ODS™ lets you see how a machine or structure is moving by animating ODS’s directly from a set of time or frequency domain experimental data. VT-620
  • Interactive 3D Structure Model
  • Time and Frequency Domain Measurements
  • Animated Display of ODS’s & Mode Shape

Visual Rapid TestTM

A faster, easier, more flexible, and less costly method to implement than con-ventional ODS or modal testing methods. Since only the structural responses are acquired, it can be used for ODS testing of operating machinery, or for modal testing using an impactor or multiple shakers. VT-350
  • Cost Effective
  • Only Structural Responses

Visual ODS ProTM

The Visual ODS Pro™ package combines all of the features of the Visual ODS™ package with the features of the VES-3600 Advanced Signal Pro-cessing option. The Advanced Signal Processing option includes an FFT for analyzing data in either the time or frequency domain, plus waveform cut, copy and paste, and many other signal processing, acoustics analysis, and Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) features. VT-420
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Shape Processing
  • Shape Processing
  • MIMO Modeling & Simulation

Visual ModalTM

The Basic Modal Analysis option provides all of the tools you need for extract-ing modal parameters from experimental vibration measurements (FRFs). With Visual Modal™ you can identify the frequency, damping & mode shape of the modes of a structure from experimental data.VT-570
  • Mode Indicators
  • Curve Fitting
  • Quick Fit
  • Shape Difference Indicator (SDI)
  • Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC)

Visual Modal ProTM

The Advanced Modal Analysis option includes advanced Multiple Reference curve fitting methods for extracting the modal parameters of closely coupled modes or repeated roots from multiple reference FRF data. This option also in-cludes Stability diagram methods for finding modes in data where two or more modes are represented by a single resonance peak on a Mode Indicator curve. VT-550
  • Multi-Reference Modal Analysis
  • Multi-Ref Quick Fit
  • Operational Modal Analysis

Visual SDM ProTM

Visual SDM PRO™ helps you quickly evaluate alternative solutions to reso-nance problems by adding additional tools to the modal analysis features of a Visual Modal Pro™ package. The Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM) method allows you to examine the effects of a variety of potential structural modifications on the resonances of a structure without actually having to make physical modifications. VT-560
  • Modal Sensitivity Analysis
  • Sub-structuring
  • Tuned Absorbers
  • Multi-Reference Modal Analysis
  • Multi-Reference Quick Fit

Visual STNTM

The Visual STN™ package combines the features of the Visual ODS™ package with the features of all of the following Visual Engineering Series optionsVT-950
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Basic Modal Analysis
  • Advanced Modal Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics Modification
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & FEA Model Updating

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