Visual STNTM


Credit: Full Spectrum Diagnostics

STN is the “Soup to Nuts” package. This all encompassing package  combines all the features of a Visual SDM Pro™ package with ODS Videos  and includes FEA modeling features. With it, you can extract mode shapes from vibration videos, from experimental vibration data, and from an FEA model. Then, using the mode shapes, you can explore a wide variety of structural modifications. You can also update an FEA model so that its mode shapes more closely match experimental mode shapes.The Visual STN™ package combines the features of the Visual ODS™ package with the features of all of the following Visual Engineering Series options:

  • VES-3600 Advanced Signal Processing
  • VES-4000 Basic Modal Analysis
  • VES-4600 Advanced Modal Analysis
  • VES-5000 Structural Dynamics Modification
  • VES-8000 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & FEA Model Updating
  • VES-9000 Video Vibration Processing 

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