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As a leading provider of engineering software, Vibrant is also a trusted educational resource for ODS and Modal Analysis. The following is a list of upcoming ODS and Modal training from our Vibrant Authorized Training Partners. MEscope is the foundation for all of the partner training offerings. For interactive online training, visit the Resources page.

Upcoming Trainings

Introduction to Modal & ODS Analysis

Online or Onsite

This course is designed to present Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis in a form that concentrates on Fundamental Concepts and Simple Guidelines instead of complex mathematical relationships. The student will focus on methodologies for performing ...

MEscope ODS VIDEOS™ Training

Online or Onsite

This Course is designed to provide “hands-on” instruction in the use of a high-speed video camera and the MEscope ODS Videos™ animation software. Courses provided at the customer’s site can be designed to allow analysis of one or two on-site ...

4-day Hands-On Modal Testing & Analysis Training

Fullerton CA

This marks our 30th year presenting the Hands-On Modal Testing & Analysis Training. Join the more than 1160 engineers and technicians who have tested a Navcon JimBeam and a fully race prepared Porsche. It is our goal, that upon completing ...

Environmental Noise Measurement & Analysis

Fullerton, CA

The 2 day Environmental Noise Seminar is intended for engineers, technicians and hygienists working in the fields of environmental, community, and/or Industrial noise measurement, analysis and control. We will review the fundamentals of acoustics, sound source characterization, and outdoor sound ...

SoundPLAN User Training

Fullerton (Los Angeles) CA

The 2 day SoundPLAN Software Training  is intended for those engineers and technicians with little or no experience with SoundPLAN software and for users who have not had any formal SoundPLAN training.  Attendees will develop several  noise models and predict the noise from an industrial plant, local roads, a ...

Validation & Updating of FE Models

Fullerton (Los Angeles), USA

During this FE Model Validation and Updating seminar, the participants will not only learn the basic principles of test-analysis correlation and finite element model updating, but also get hands-on experience using specialized software (FEMtools). All aspects of a FE model ...

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