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As a leading provider of engineering software, Vibrant is also a trusted educational resource for ODS and Modal Analysis. The following is a list of upcoming ODS and Modal training from our Vibrant Authorized Training Partners. MEscope is the foundation for all of the partner training offerings. For interactive online training, visit the Resources page.

Upcoming Trainings

Introduction to ODS and Modal Analysis using MEscope

Vibrant Headquarters, Centennial, CO

A 2 day hands-on introduction course to MEscope for new users or those needing a refresher. Course will cover: MEscope navigation Importing your data Model building and manipulation Substructures Data Block Window Signal Processing ODS Introduction to Modal Analysis Stay ...

Applied Modal & Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis

Charlotte, NC

This 4½ day course provides a basic understanding on how to use Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis. The focus of this class is on applying these powerful diagnostic tools on real-world machinery and structures rather ...

4-day Hands-On Modal Testing & Analysis Training

Fullerton CA

The Hands-On Modal Testing & Analysis Training is intended for those engineers and technicians who (1) conduct modal and/or operational deflection shape tests, (2) perform analytical (FEM) or experimental (SDM) modal analysis and/or (3) are responsible for overseeing modal related ...

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