MEscope Case Studies

Seeing is believing. And since its inception in 1991, MEscope has helped countless engineers, analysts and technicians see their way to solving complex problems with its “visual” vibration analysis. Take a look at the case studies below to learn more.

Nuclear Feed Water Pump

This case history was over ten years in the making and features essentially all of capabilities of the MEscope software. We started in 2005 with an Experimental Modal Analysis. Using the Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM) option, a pump operating speed resonance condition was resolved.
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Power House Fans

MEscope ODS and EMA were used to investigate high amplitude vibration of forced draft (FD) and induced draft (ID) fans at a coal fired power plant.
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RL10 Rocket Engine

This case history was an evaluation of a new "upper stage" rocket engine nozzle design. The analysis was requested to define the natural frequencies in the structure that may be excited during the "boost" phase of flight. The MEscope Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) was performed on the shell structure, revealing "Nodal Diameter" type mode shapes unique to "ring" and "shell" structures.
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Turbine Generator

MEscope ODS was used to diagnose the source of high vibration affecting wire connections below the generator on the current transformers (CTs) and Neutral Enclosure.
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Pulp Mill Boiler Fan

This case history involves a heavily used fan that is only taken out of service every two years. Elevated vibration levels in the turbine drive pointed toward coupling misalignment and resonance amplification. Full Spectrum Diagnostics was requested to perform an Experimental Modal Analysis during the scheduled turbine overhaul. MEscope EMA analysis was used to define the turbine system natural frequencies, damping and mode shapes to resolve troublesome resonance problems.
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Paper Mill

Vibration analysts at a paper mill identified high vibration of a calendar roll drive motor. During an investigation, additional vibration data including an MEscope Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) and Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) were measured to identify a torsional natural frequency of the motor and support.
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