ODS VideosTM

Using the same technology that robotic vision and autonomous vehicle companies utilize to detect objects in motion, MEscope ODS Videos™ accurately measure surface vibration from a video. Then the color graphics are attached to a surface and it is deformed using amplified and filtered ODS data, either from time waveforms or from frequency spectra extracted from the video. All of the time-tested features of the MEscope ODS software can be used to document the vibration.

With an MEscope ODS Videos™ package, you can post-process the time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from a vibration video recording, and then record clear color videos of the ODS animation like this one.  You can also store the time waveforms. frequency spectra, ODS’s & videos in a machine-based archival database.  Take a tour

Videos provided by Full Spectrum Diagnostics

MEscope ODS Videos™ Recommended Hardware

There are multiple high speed cameras available on the market. We have found the following hardware to be suitable for most machinery vibration video processing.  

Read our Technical Paper
“Post-Processing ODS Data From a Vibration Video”  

MEscope ODS Videos™ Features

  • Vibration time waveforms extracted from a vibration video
  • Camera jitter and background noise removal
  • Brightness & Contrast enhancement of the video graphics 
  • ODS sweep animation from the time waveforms 
  • ODS sinusoidal animation from their Fourier spectra
  • Animation Speed and Amplitude Control
  • Clear color ODS video recording of the ODS animation
  • ODS in Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Units
  • ODS Magnitude & Phase displayed in the video recording

MEscope Video Processing can accept a number of video file formats including .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov. 


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