ODS VideosTM

Using the same technology that robotic vision and autonomous vehicle companies utilize to detect objects in motion, MEscope ODS Videos™ accurately measures surface vibration from a high-speed video recording. Using accurate time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from the video, all of the time-tested features of MEscope can be used to document the vibration.

With the MEscope ODS Videos™ package, you can post-process the time waveforms or frequency spectra extracted from a vibration video recording, and record clear color videos of the ODS animation.  You can also store the time waveforms. frequency spectra, ODS’s & videos in a machine-based archival database.  

Videos provided by Full Spectrum Diagnostics

MEscope ODS Videos™ Hardware Package Includes:

Camera Options:

New! Higher Resolution Chronos 2.1-HD Camera
Chronos 2.1-HD Datasheet

Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera
Chronos 1.4 Datasheet

Both cameras are available in color or monochrome.

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikon F zoom (2.1 camera)
Computar 12.5-75mm f/1.2 zoom lens (1.4 camera)

Lights: Godox SL-100 LED Video Light 
Tripod: 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag 
Carrying Case: Photo Studio Equipment Trolley Carry Bag

There are multiple high speed cameras available on the market. MEscope ODS Videos™ can work with any high speed camera that can export a .mp4 file. We have found the Chronos cameras to be suitable for most machinery vibration video processing.  

Training: Two day onsite or online training available


Check out the MEscope ODS Videos™ Webinar Series for a closer look

MEscope ODS Videos™ Features

  • Vibration time waveforms extracted from a vibration video
  • Camera jitter and background noise removal
  • Lighting flicker removal 
  • Brightness & Contrast enhancement of the video graphics 
  • ODS sweep animation from the time waveforms 
  • ODS sinusoidal animation from their Fourier spectra
  • Animation Speed and Amplitude Control
  • Clear color ODS video recording of the ODS animation
  • ODS in Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Units
  • ODS Magnitude & Phase displayed on the ODS video
  • ODS contour colors displayed on the ODS video
  • ODS direction vectors displayed on the ODS video

MEscope Video Processing can accept a number of video file formats including .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov.