MEscope ODS Videos™ Webinar Getting Started with ODS Videos

Aug 6, 2020


Instructor: Dan Ambre
Partner: Full Spectrum Diagnostics

Please join us for another MEscope ODS Videos ™ webinar on Thursday, August 6th, 2020. This episode will be a detailed look at getting started with ODS Videos ™ . A guide through the Video Wizard along with tips and tricks for a creating a perfect ODS video.
If you are new to ODS Videos ™ , this is the webinar for you!
Included Topics:
  • Select, Adjust & Crop a video
  • Select Frames & Video Duration
  • Set a Scaling Distance
  • Select a Grid Point Density
  • Filter the Displacements
  • Display Orbits Plots
  • Display Vector Plots
  • Display Mag & Phase at Points
  • Sweep animation of ODS’s from TWF’s
  • Sine dwell animation of ODS’s from Frequency Spectra
When: Thursday August 6th @ 2pm ET

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