MEscope ODS Videosâ„¢ Webinar: “Color vs. Monochrome High Speed Camera”

Nov 19, 2020


Instructor: Dan Ambre
Partner: Full Spectrum Diagnostics

“Color vs. Monochrome High Speed Camera”
Which one should you choose? Lets take a closer look.
Please join us for another MEscope ODS Videosâ„¢ webinar on Thursday, November 19th 2020, as we do a comparison of Color vs. Monochrome high speed cameras.
In this webinar we aim to bring some clarity to the debate of color vs monochrome cameras. Which one is better? Which is more accurate? More importantly, which one can solve your vibration problem?
This webinar will focus on a case study of an Industrial Fan.
For the novice or seasoned vibe-analyst, this webinar should not be missed.
When: Thursday November 19th @ 2pm ET

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