Post Processing Tips with MEscope ODS Videos™

Apr 1, 2020


Instructor: Dan Ambre
Partner: Full Spectrum Diagnostics

The topic for the day is Post-Processing Options! Our options include:
1. The Histogram Filter (not a new feature but we will explore some setting variations).
2. Deflection Relative to a Point. This is a new feature for eliminating Camera Jitter.
3. Using the Camera Ring Buffer to minimize Jitter
4. Adding an External Trigger Switch to the camera BNC connection.
5. Linear Averaging and Overlap Processing the full Ring Buffer for noise-free FFT spectra.
6. Live Cursor Features:
Magnitude and Phase data @ Selected point
Orbit Plots @ Selected Points
Band Pass Filtering in the FFT
Inverse FFT function for discrete frequency TWF’s
Differentiation and Integration

Crop Image