Practical Aspects of ODS and Modal Testing

Aug 26-30, 2019

Niagara Falls NY Conference Center

Instructor: Tony DeMatteo
Partner: 4x Diagnostics

This 4.5 day vibration training course teaches students how to do ODS and Modal Analysis testing using MEscope software. After completing the course you will be familiar with the use of MEscope software, the process involved in ODS and Modal testing and the types of data that must be collected. Each student will complete several ODS & Modal projects during the class.

Course Outline

  • The decision making process – what goes into planning ODS and Modal testing.
  • Making ODS and Modal measurements (analyzer specific information may be available for your analyzer).
  • Using MEscope software (drawing structures, numbering points, importing data, shape tables, animating the structure, curve fitting).
  • Interpreting ODS and Modal Analysis results.
  • Documenting test results

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