Video ODS Assist – III


MEscope Video ODS Assist – III includes the features listed in the below description:



Level III -  Features

Customer will receive the following:

Video ODS animation
– both time waveform sweep animation and dwell animation at all order peaks from frequency spectra
– full clean-up of any background motion in the video

Time Waveform & Frequency Spectra in Velocity & Displacement units ***

Magnitude & Phase at specified points on the machine or structure ***

ODS-FRF Calculation

VTmax file for future processing in MEscope

Accepted File Types:
*.wmv, *.avi, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mp4, *.mov

Max File Size:
20 MB

** Customer will receive Video ODS Assist purchase within 5 business days of purchase unless otherwise noted. **

*** An accurate dimension is required to derive accurate Displacement & Velocity values from your video. This is accomplished by selecting 2 points in the viewing plane of the machine or structure, and accurately measuring the distance between those 2 points. You will receive an email from Vibrant Technology requesting a screen shot of the two points and the distance between them.

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