Visual ACQTM


Credit: Full Spectrum Diagnostics

 Visual Acquisition™ package contains all the tools you need for acquiring, importing, or calculating time and frequency domain measurements. Data can be acquiring or importing from most multi-channel analyzers, recorders, acquisition systems, and portable collectors. Auto & Cross spectra, FRFs, Coherence, ODS-FRFs, and more, can be calculated from acquired data. Multiple measurement sets of data can be processed for use in ODS & modal analysis.

Visual ACQ™ Features

  • Data imported from most popular single or multi-channel analyzers, recorders, data acquisition systems and portable data collectors
  • All popular types of time and frequency domain measurements can be imported
  • No limits on the number of measurements or the number of samples per measurement
  • Measurements can be displayed in Real, Imaginary, Magnitude (Linear, Log, dB), Phase, CoQuad (Real & Imaginary), Bode (Magnitude & Phase), Nyquist (Real vs Imaginary) and Orbit Plots
  • Measurements can be displayed in Peak, Peak-to-Peak and RMS format
  • Order cursors and cursors display in Displacement, Velocity or Acceleration units
  • Measurements can be displayed in Row/Column, Strip Chart, Waterfall, Overlaid or Overlaid by DOF, and Color Map formats
  • The measurement display can be Zoomed & Scrolling
  • Line, Peak and Band Cursors can be displayed on each measurement
  • All graphics can be copied to the Clipboard either as a Bitmap or Metafile
  • All spreadsheet properties can be copied and pasted using the Windows Clipboard
  • Imports Peak & Phase data for animation of order-based ODS’s
  • Imports measurement data from over 40 different third party disk files
  • Acquires multi-channel time waveforms directly from supported front end hardware
  • Supports Impact, Output-Only, and Multi-Shaker testing: Post-processing includes Auto & Cross spectra,
    Auto & Cross Correlation, Multi-Reference FRFs, Ordinary, Multiple & Partial Coherence,
    ODS-FRFs, TRN Chain measurement & seeding
  • Pre-recorded data: Post-processes pre-recorded time waveforms from a Data Block
  • Graphical Display: Each test point & direction displayed on a 3D model of the test article
  • Shaker testing: Outputs 1 to 6 burst random or burst chirp signals through compatible DAC hardware
    Multiple signals are uncorrelated

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